2 Year Team Picture - Behind the Scenes; How We Test Used Mobile Phones for QualityOne of the biggest benefits of buying used mobile phones wholesale is that you can get all of your devices pre-tested and graded. If you’re reselling the phones, that gives you the information you need to set prices correctly, and it also ensures that your customers are happy with the phones they buy.

Phoenix Cellular has invested in an extensive testing regime. We’d like to explain a bit more about how it all works.

Electronic Used Mobile Phone Testing

Electronic testing means running a diagnostic check on each phone that passes through our warehouse.

Typically, this will test things like:

  • Device camera, or multiple cameras if it has more than one
  • Touchscreen functionality
  • Display
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Touch ID
  • Speakers
  • Buttons

We ensure that the phone is unlocked to all networks, and any PIN or iCloud details have been removed.

Of course, you could sit and test each phone manually to see how it performs. But an electronic test allows us to apply the same stringent testing standards to every phone, quickly and efficiently, and without the potential that the test will be forgotten.

In total, the phones you buy will have been tested on at least 20 different features.

We believe that testing phones in our warehouse is the best way to make sure our customers, and yours, are happy.

If a phone doesn’t pass these 20 tests, we won’t sell it.

How Used Mobile Phones are Graded

In addition to testing phones, we also grade them. It’s a slightly different process.

We look at the overall condition of the phone, and we note any flaws that we see.

So a mint condition phone will be awarded “Grade A Pristine”, which means that it’s externally almost flawless. These are often the phones that people buy and never use. For example, they may get an upgrade but only use the phone for one day.

During the grading process, we’re looking for problems like:

  • Scratches around the edge of the screen
  • Scratches on the back of the phone
  • Cracks in the glass or casing
  • Fractured glass.

We grade these phones from A to C, with A being the best quality and the fewest flaws.

But even at C grade, you will receive a good quality phone that has no cracks, smashed glass, or locks. So you can safely offer a mixture of grades, safe in the knowledge that all of the units you sell are fully functional.

Trust Phoenix Cellular

Phoenix Cellular only sells the best used mobile phones.

And we back that up with a promise.

All of our wholesale customers are protected by a cast-iron returns process. If a phone slips through the net with a fault, or the grading’s not right, we’ll take it back without fuss.

If you’d like to know more about our testing and grading process, we’d be happy to send you more information. You can also check our sales sheet that shows what we have in stock right now.

Just email sales@phoenixcellular.co.uk or WhatsApp us now on 07769 830 625.