pexels photo 908295 - How the Used Phone Industry is GrowingUsed mobile phones are increasingly popular among consumers. Expensive new phones, a slowing of manufacturer improvements, environmental concerns and squeezed wages might all be contributors to this.

In some cases, consumers are simply concerned about the cost of buying a new phone that does not represent good value for money in its lifetime.

But it’s a fact: the used mobile phone industry is quickly growing, whatever the causes may be, and consumers can benefit from savings of up to 50% compared to the price of a new handset. For many people, the cost of continually upgrading no longer adds up, and businesses are starting to reap the rewards.

The global market for used mobile phones is already more than $19 billion a year— and that’s going to multiply fast.

Used Phones Wholesale

There’s growing interest among mobile phone dealers in buying wholesale used mobile phones.

Not only does it allow them to offer different price points for the same device, but it also allows them to offer eco-friendly alternatives to brand new handsets. With waste plastic receiving more and more media attention, this is something on many consumers’ minds when they shop.

Used mobile phones are sometimes thought to have risks. But as interest has increased, testing has improved, and that has greatly boosted consumer confidence. Wholesale used mobile phones are usually tested and graded, even before they arrive at the retailer’s premises.

So when consumers shop for used devices, they can do so with confidence — and that’s driving growth.

Used Phones in Business

Businesses have started to wise up to the cost of new devices too. Often, the price paid to keep everyone up-to-date is too much for a company to manage.

There are two alternatives. One solution is to ask everyone to bring their own phone, and then set up policies and strategies to keep control of the business’ data — which comes with costs of its own.

The other solution is for the business to maintain ownership of phones, but to buy good quality used devices, not brand new ones. That essentially gives the business the best of both worlds.

So when you look at the options, it’s hardly surprising that businesses are shifting towards used phones. Buying used allows them to offer good quality handsets without necessarily providing factory-sealed units. For many employees, their work phone is their second phone anyway, so there’s a good chance that money spent on shiny new phones is money that would be better spent elsewhere in the business.

For a business, having a fleet of used mobile phones allows for faster swaps when problems develop, and it also ensures that they can keep control of their intellectual property because they can always recall and manage the phones they own.

Business is Booming for Used Mobile Phone Resellers

In the US, sales of used and refurbished mobile phones are set to reach $40 billion by 2025. For retailers looking for income streams, there’s a clear opportunity to get involved in this growing industry today.

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