Major damage will devalue used mobile phones, but even the lightest screen scratches can be an issue. When grading a phone, our engineers look very carefully at the screen to ensure that we price the device appropriately.

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It stands to reason that keeping your screen in good condition will increase the value of your phone when you come to sell it. But keeping it clear of marks can be tricky when you have to carry it around constantly.

Here are our best screen saving tips.

Use a Screen Protector

Don’t assume that a phone with a Gorilla Glass screen is scratch-resistant. It might be stronger than a non-Gorilla Glass screen, but it will still pick up annoying fine scratches on the surface if you’re not careful.

Let’s face it, screen protectors are a pain to apply. But once they’re in the right place, your phone will be protected from the worst wear and tear, so they’re definitely worth the effort.

When you choose a screen protector, bear the following in mind:

  • The screen protector should almost touch the edges of your case. If there is a gap, shop around for a larger one.
  • Buy a couple of protectors so you have a spare if you have problems applying the first one.
  • There is no real difference between plastic and glass in terms of the scratch protection. Glass tends to last longer, but plastic is cheaper and thinner, so easier to replace.
  • If your screen protector develops a hole (or a crack, if it’s glass), fit a new one straight away.

Screen protectors should sit snug against the screen without any bubbles, or anything trapped underneath. It’s worth spending a bit of time getting the positioning right to avoid ongoing damage from a tiny speck of dirt or dust enclosed next to the screen.

Don’t Carry Your Phone With Your Keys

When it comes to screen scratches, keys are our enemy. Most of the fine scratches on your display probably came from metal objects brushing against your phone as you carry it around.

When you toss your phone into your bag or pocket, be sure to move your keys somewhere else. Just get into the habit of checking what else is rattling around in there, and it’ll soon become second nature.

We also recommend that you don’t carry your phone next to loose change, tweezers, or anything with a metal clip (like your work lanyard). Ideally, use a separate zipped pocket in your bag at all times.

Clean With Care

Occasionally you’ll need to wipe your screen — for example, when changing screen protectors. It’s tempting to rub it with your t-shirt or grab the nearest towel, but that can be a very effective way of putting tiny marks on the screen.

You should only use microfibre cloths, or the cloth that comes with your screen protector. Rub very gently to remove marks, using a tiny drop of water on the cloth if you need it.

Never use a dripping wet cloth, detergent, sponges, or any cleaning product on your screen. Many cleaning products contain tiny abrasive particles, and if liquid gets inside your device, it can void the warranty and cause permanent damage.

Used Mobile Phones in Tip-Top Condition

Phoenix Cellular prides itself on selling used phones in excellent condition, with thorough grading and testing carried out before each phone leaves our premises. For more information about our high-quality used mobile phones, get in touch with our friendly team today.