mwc americas logo 2017 300x56 - Industry Descends on Los Angeles to Talk Mobile FuturesThousands of mobile industry insiders will convene in Los Angeles from September 12 to 14 as the City of Angels hosts the Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) 2018.

One of the biggest events in the mobile industry calendar, last year’s event in San Francisco saw more than 15,000 exhibitors and 40,000 attendeesget together to share the latest mobile models, the latest technologies and discuss the latest trends.

The MWCA always attracts a global audience, creating a key networking opportunity for different regional sectors and international players to come together and share knowledge and insight into mobile. It is the occasion when many device manufacturers choose to unveil their latest handsets, giving operators and vendors a first glimpse of the most cutting-edge products.

Hosted by mobile industry body the GSMA, the MWCA is also big on thought leadership. The theme for this year’s event is Imagining a Better Future, with a series of workshops and seminars planned focusing on the role mobile has to play in transforming lives and societies in the years to come.

This year’s programme of events is focused around five key themes:

  • Innovation: Mobile has always been an industry built on innovation, from pioneering the touchscreen interface in mainstream devices to bringing mobile broadband to communities worldwide. Yet with the pace of digital change arguably faster than ever, the need for mobile companies to show leadership in innovation and continue to develop workable solutions for tomorrow remains strong.
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution: As the Internet of Things (IoT) develops at pace creating networks out of electronic devices, one of the biggest impacts it is having is in industry. So-called ‘Industry 4.0’ is characterised as ushering a new era of industrial output based on networked sensors, AI and intelligence-led automation. Smart automated networks depend on mobile for their connectivity and the industry faces a huge opportunity meeting their needs.
  • Everything Policy: As technology and the way people and businesses interact and behave change, regulations drawn up to govern telecommunications provision in a previous era are becoming obsolete, creating legal and administrative grey areas which are restricting innovation and participation in mobile economies. The theme of Everything Policies explores how the mobile industry can work with governments to create policies that prioritise digital inclusion by creating a framework for innovation, competition, privacy and security.
  • Media & Entertainment: The days of the mobile phone being used primarily to make calls and send text messages, or even to browse the internet, are over. Today’s smartphones are now multimedia content devices which have helped to shake up how people access and consume entertainment, be it music, TV, films, video games and so on. A key consideration for the mobile industry is how they can extract the most value from media and entertainment content.
  • The Network: The technology behind mobile network infrastructure is changing rapidly. With LTE and LWPA rollouts continuing apace and fully virtualised networks in the guise of 5G on the horizon, mobile companies are dealing with radically different network resources to those available even a decade ago, with major opportunities to reduce costs and drive innovation in areas like billing and customer service.

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