fW6Z9CXTb5Xc7jjomz7RE6 1024 80 1024x576 1 - iOS13 Update And Features ListWhat’s new in iOS13? Here’s our review and a list of the best features

iOS13 has launched introducing new features to your old iPhone, with new software perks even if you haven’t upgraded to Apple’s brand-new iPhone 11.

Dark Mode is one of the best iOS13 feature and the most visual change, it inverts white and light grey colours for less eye-straining black and dark greys – at least in major apps.

So what’s new in iOS13? What devices are compatible?  We have all of those answers – and a mini iOS 13 review below as we await the iOS13.1 update.

iOS13 Review

Dark Mode: We’ve been getting the most use out of this iOS13 feature. It changes up the interface (in most apps), exchanging bright white and light grey colours for black and dark grey hues.  Making them more pleasant on the eye, especially at night. 

iOS13 compatibility: iOS13 is compatible with the iPhone 6S or iPhone SE or newer.  That means both iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 don’t make the list and are forever stuck with iOS 12.4.1.

Photo editing tools advanced: You can now change photos in 15 different ways, tweaking highlights, contrast and shadows.  Edits also work for video, and you can edit photos without destroying the Live Photo properties. 

QuickPath keyboard: Want to swipe on the keyboard rather than tap?  It’s now in there, there’s no line that follows your finger movement, and it’s a little tricky to get used to, but it’s closer to what we liked about Gboard.

FaceTime: When making a FaceTime call you look at your screen and therefore aren’t looking at the camera, Apple will use AI to move the direction of your gaze. A bit creepy in principle, but hugely useful.

Face ID is better:The field of view for unlocking your phone with your face is now wider, so looking at the phone on the desk will open your iPhone up without needing to lift the handset.

iOS13 is not coming to the iPad: iOS13 is strictly for the iPhone. iPadOS is debuting for iPad with exclusive productivity features for the bigger tablet screen on the 24thSeptember 2019.

iOS13 improves battery life: This update refers to ‘lifetime of the battery’ not ‘time between charges’ – the new iOS 13 platform is smarter at charging and will curtail the power input at the right times.

Reminders has had a huge overhaul: A new design, Reminders now allows for attachments and better sorting. Might not sound massive, but a big jump for those that use it.

The camera is getting a big upgrade: Portrait mode will offer more customisable lighting and a new ‘High Key Mono’ mode.

Siri sounds better: A refined voice, Siri is now much nicer to talk to.  You might not notice it without a side-by-side comparison though.

Control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth more simply: Long-press (or 3D Touch for certain iPhone models) on the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth buttons in the Control Centre and you can access all your connections in one simple place.

Use your PS4 controller on your phone: Now you can pair your console controller to play games in a more immersive way.  PS4 support is here now, Xbox One support is on route.