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Why Networks Should Supply Used Mobile Phones

Mobile phone retail has changed considerably over the years. Not so long ago, network operators sat as the kingpins of the whole ecosystem.  As the gatekeepers of connectivity, they could also dictate who sold the

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When Can We Expect The First 5G iPhone?

It feels as if we've been talking about the arrival of 5G forever. Almost as soon as 4G arrived, creating mobile data connections that were comparable in performance to broadband internet, the worlds of technology

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Why Used Mobile Devices Are Outselling New

The smartphone bubble could not last forever. After more than a decade of meteoric growth worldwide, new smartphone sales have started to stall. In the most mature markets where ownership is now approaching saturation point,

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What Happened To Blackberry?

Remember Research in Motion, or RIM? At one time, RIM was the unrivalled heavyweight in the business mobile phone market. It specialised in phones with keyboards, a practical choice for a device that blended email,

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5G, What You Need to Know

The UK’s forthcoming upgrade to 5G mobile networks has been heavily publicised in recent weeks. From security concerns to initial roll-out dates, there’s been a lot of hype -- but not much detail about the

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Used MacBooks, Is There A Market?

When Apple released a new line of MacBooks in 2016, it delivered a huge blow to its UK user base. Faced with significant differences in the exchange rate, Apple had started to lose its margin.

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Our 20 Point Check Explained

Buying used mobile phones in bulk from a private seller online is a risky endeavour. It’s all too common for sellers to palm off handsets with faults on unwitting buyers. With today’s phones becoming more

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What To Expect From The Next iPhone

Apple is expected to release the next version of the iPhone in September 2019. That if it sticks to its usual update cycle, which it almost certainly will. The company has picked up on feedback

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Samsung S10: What Do We Think?

Back in April 2009, Samsung launched the Galaxy, the South Korean telecoms and electronics giant’s first full foray into the smartphone market. A good two years behind Apple and the launch of the iPhone, Samsung

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