pexels photo 259165 - Guarantee Value for your Business with a Used Mobile FleetIn the UK, the average small business spends more than £1 million every single year.

Of this amount, 19% is spent on new technology.

When you consider that businesses spend a huge amount on hiring staff, marketing, and kitting out their offices, 19% is a huge proportion of their overall budget. As a business matures, the amount that they spend actually increases.

Some technology is certainly essential, like the computers and printers that we rely on to get things done. But in some cases, businesses may be wasting money on new equipment that they don’t need.

If you supply your employees with mobile devices, there could be a very easy way to shave a significant amount of money off your technology spend.

The Lure of New, Shiny Mobile Phones

Presenting an employee with a shiny new phone is enough to inspire their loyalty and respect. But often, businesses supply phones that employees don’t really want, or need.

In 2016, 14 million people in the UK carried two phones. At one time, this may have been necessary to maintain two separate phone lines. But now we have VOIP and in-app calling, the idea of carrying two phones is very outdated.

If you supply your employees with a phone, there is rarely a good reason for it to be brand new — particularly if they’re likely to have a phone already. You may have perfectly legitimate security reasons to supply a separate phone for work, rather than allowing them to use their personal phone on your company network, but a used handset could do the job just as well.

How Much Could You Save With Used Mobile Phones?

On average, phones are used for around 18 months before they’re sold or given away. These handsets still have a long, usable life, and are perfect for use in businesses.

When you supply a used mobile, you’re economising by giving people last year’s technology. This isn’t a problem in 2018. The smartphone has evolved to the point where many people are hanging on to their phones for longer, and wouldn’t expect to have something bang up to date.

Often, you wouldn’t even be able to tell how old a phone is by looking at it. The latest iPhone 8 is a great example; it looks pretty much identical to the iPhone 7 at a glance.

The newest, fanciest features — like dual cameras and animated emojis — are not going to be necessary unless your staff are working with social media snapshots. And if you opt for Grade A or “pristine” condition devices, the used mobile phones you buy will be in near-mint condition.

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