america analysis cellphone 926987 1024x749 1 - Why Businesses Should Give Their Staff Used Mobile PhonesProviding employees with a mobile phone has become standard practice for many businesses. For staff working out in the field who need to stay in touch with clients and colleagues, for remote and home workers taking advantage of flexible modern working practices, for staff who are on call after hours, a company mobile is an essential part of their work equipment.

But the need to provide staff with mobile phones doesn’t mean you have to pay top rates for brand new devices. Used handsets for businesses provide a cost-effective, flexible alternative. Here are some of the key benefits.

Save money

The obvious appeal of used mobiles for business is the fact that they cost less than brand new handsets. For reconditioned and Grade A devices in a physical condition and working order which rivals an out-of-the-box new phone, you are typically talking about a saving of 33% compared to RRPs. Anywhere you can shave a third off CAPEX costs without compromising quality and performance is well worth considering.

Get better devices

Another way of looking at the better value offered by pre-owned phones is that it gives you an opportunity to invest in better standard models for the same price you would have been prepared to pay for new handsets. If your budget has always allowed you to stretch to mid-range models but no higher, the used market gives you an opportunity to upgrade to premium. Top-end smartphones will allow your staff to do more from their devices, and will also give them a sense of being rewarded with a high-performance gadget.

Choose the best value operator

As when you buy a mobile for your own personal use, many of the options available to business users are device-plus-network contract bundles which tie you into a particular operator for a fixed period of time. By buying second-hand phones, you free yourself from these long-term commitments and get the flexibility to choose whichever service offers best value. Pre-owned phones are sold unlocked so you can take your pick of SIM-only deals and change providers, should you wish to do so, on shorter cycles.

Shorten replacement cycles

Just as used phones give you more flexibility in changing providers, you can also think about changing or upgrading the handsets themselves more regularly without worrying about whether you’ve had full value for your investment. The cheaper an asset like a fleet of smartphones is, the quicker you get a satisfactory return on what you have spent in terms of amount of use etc. This is particularly good to know when you are fully aware that your devices are going to get heavy use out in the field and the risk of wear and damage is high.

Contribute to your sustainability policy

Finally, one reason the used phone for business market has grown so significantly in recent years that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves is the fact that buying pre-owned devices is much greener than always buying new. There has been a realisation that the mobile industry’s preoccupation with rapid new release cycles and heavily marketing new device purchases is highly wasteful, and has led to millions of perfectly good handsets being traded in. Choosing second-hand mobiles over new means you are making a positive contribution to reducing this waste and ensuring that more handsets get used for their full operational lifespans.

Where to get used phones for business

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