pexels photo 3 1024x682 1 - Why Used Mobile Phones Are Eco FriendlyIt is no secret that we now live in a world where we all want to do our best to be eco-friendlier. We are aware of the challenges that our planet faces and we know that everyone plays a part in protecting it. Whilst we may know all of this, there are some things that are not quite so obvious, such as all the ways that we can be eco-friendly and a little touch greener.

One area that you may not have realised can help you be more eco-aware is mobile phones. Mobile phones are a huge industry, one that is having an impact on the world around us. So, why sell used mobile phones? What benefits does this have to our planet and your customers?

They save space in landfill

One of the biggest challenges that our planet currently faces is the use of landfill sites. With the amount of waste that we all produce on the rise, landfill sites are becoming full. This is having an impact on the space around them, as well as causing concern as to what will happen when the landfills do actually become full.

By buying used mobile phones, you are stopping them going to landfill and whilst this may only be a small amount of space, we all know that every little can help.

They stop chemicals and materials getting into the environment

Mobile phones contain certain materials that not only will not break down when in a landfill, but in the long run, could be harmful to our world. By stopping them ending up there, you are limiting the impact that mobile phones can have and reducing any risk they pose, not only to the natural environment but the wildlife too. You may not realise it, but a mobile phone, left out in a landfill or in the natural environment can start to make its way down into the soil, which can then pollute plants, water and pose a threat to animals too.

There is less energy used to produce new phones

The mobile phone manufacturing industry is huge, however, it is also using up energy and resources in order to make all those popular new phones. One great way to limit the amount of energy that is being used up is to invest in a used phones rather than just new ones. Of course, a used phone may still need some repairs or refurbishment in order to get them performing and looking their best, but the energy outlay of this process is much less than that of a creating and producing a brand new phone.

There are a wealth of reasons why used mobile phones is so much better for the environment. Not only this, but used mobile phones are also so much kinder on wallets too, which means that they are the perfect choice to add to your product line.

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