IMG 3223 e1557307897907 - Our 20 Point Check ExplainedBuying used mobile phones in bulk from a private seller online is a risky endeavour. It’s all too common for sellers to palm off handsets with faults on unwitting buyers. With today’s phones becoming more compact, and the components inside becoming ever more specialised, there’s a real risk of a hidden problem that might not be obvious until it’s too late to ask for a return.

Phoenix Cellular understands the need for consumer trust in the used mobile phone market. If you’re basing your business around the sale of used devices, you need to be able to guarantee that they actually work, and they haven’t been ditched by their previous owner because there’s something wrong with them.

If you’re interested to know how we are able to guarantee the high quality of our devices, you’ll want to hear more about our 20-point checks.

What’s in a Test?

We have a pretty consistent grading system which tells you what the physical condition is like. But our checks don’t stop with a visual inspection.

Phoenix Cellular also has sophisticated electronic testing equipment on-site. We test every device that comes in as part of our overall quality checks.

The software checks each device according to at least 20 different factors, and the tests are done electronically — meaning they’re pretty much fool-proof. For example, our testing machines are able to detect whether the cameras and speakers work, is GSM locked or has a screen fault, without a human operator having to switch on the device, take pictures, or try playing music through them.

After the Test

Once we’ve checked the hardware on our testing machine, we then check to ensure that the device is actually usable.

So we’ll ensure that the phone is free from any locks, such as iCloud, that would prevent it from being used and enjoyed by its new owner.

We can also tell which network (if any) the phone is locked to, and we can pick up the IMEI number automatically. The IMEI is run through a database of known lost, stolen, and cloned phones to ensure that it’s completely clean.

Quality Assurance

At the end of our 20-point check, the phones are ready for resale. Our aim is to ensure every device you buy delights your customers, without the risk of faults or returns.

We don’t take your custom for granted, though, and neither do we assume that our tests are completely failsafe. There are times when the tests will miss something. Equally, you might receive a phone that you feel doesn’t live up to the physical grade we’ve given it.

We have a customer service team standing by to assist. Just let us know what the issue is, and which phone is at fault and we’ll organise a return for you. Once we’ve received the device, we’ll issue a refund to you within a week.

Our returns policy is designed to give you complete peace of mind when buying used mobile phones in bulk. Read more about it here.

Buying Used Mobile Phones In Bulk

If you want to know exactly how we test our phones, or you’d like any other information about our used devices, get in touch now. You’ll find our phone number, email address, WhatsApp number, and a contact form on our contact page.