If you’re ready to buy a phone, you’re probably wondering whether you should get a new handset, or pick up a used mobile phone instead. It’s a dilemma that all of us face at some time or another.

shutterstock 490691503 300x200 - Pros and Cons of Used Mobile PhonesAt Phoenix Cellular, we’re experts in wholesale used mobile phones. Here are some of the reasons customers buy them, as well as some factors to consider if you’re leaning towards purchasing a new one.

Buying a New Phone: the Pros and Cons

There’s nothing quite like buying a brand new phone, unboxing it, and enjoying its shiny, scratch-free surfaces. When you purchase your phone from a store, or receive it as an upgrade, retailers know that you’re paying for the experience as well as the device.

But here’s a point to note: used mobile phones aren’t necessarily scruffy, and the ones we sell function in exactly the same way as they would if you bought them new in the shop. In fact, we’re very careful with our grading system, so if you buy a Pristine handset, you’ll get something pretty much as good as new.

If the condition of your handset is important to you, it’s possible to save money without sacrificing quality. You just have to be absolutely sure of two things:

  • The grading system that your vendor is using
  • The returns policy that they offer if the grade doesn’t match the phone’s condition.

If both of those are solid, you can enjoy that ‘new phone experience’ while saving money by buying used.

Why Buy a Used Phone Instead?

If you buy a used phone on an auction or classified website, you’re leaving yourself open to a number of issues. This is probably the biggest ‘con’ in the list.Unscrupulous sellers sometimes palm off poor quality or broken phones, leaving buyers in the lurch. Without a warranty, you’ll be stuck if that happens to you.

The best way to buy used is to look for a website that sells quality used mobile phones wholesale. This is really the best way to get peace of mind after your purchase.

There are obvious cost benefits to buying used as well. You’ll usually save hundreds of pounds on a Grade A used handset, rather than a brand new, sealed one. Sometimes, you don’t need to buy the latest model anyway. Just look at the feedback Apple received over the iPhone 8 vs the iPhone 7. Most users couldn’t tell the difference on looks alone.

Buying a Used Phone Makes Sense

We’re holding onto our phones for longer, and we’re thinking much more carefully before splashing out huge sums on mobile devices. Buying a brand new mobile is a big decision, and it isn’t always the right one. Buying used is a sensible option.

Providing you buy your used mobile phone from a reputable dealer, you’ll shave a substantial amount of money off the price, while compromising little on quality or features. It also allows you to pick a SIM-only contract, so you’re not tied in to a large monthly spend. The key is to ensure that you only purchase devices from a reputable dealer.

Phoenix Cellular is a dominant force in Europe’s used mobile phone wholesale market. For more information about our superb used phones, contact our friendly team.