business money pink coins - The Cost Benefits of a Sim Only Contract and a Used Smart PhoneWho doesn’t like the idea of being able to save money as well as get the things that you want or need? Chances are that you will be hard pressed to find anyone. So, what if we told you that you could find a phone and sim card, yet save yourself some much needed cash?

The answer lies in the wonderful combination of used mobile phones and sim only contracts.

But what is the secret?

Sim Only Contracts

One of the most expensive parts of owning a mobile phone is actually running it each and every day. Many people opt for a contract phone as this means that they always have “credit” to allow them to make calls or text their nearest and dearest. However, this always comes at a price.

The majority of major phone retailers offer a wide variety of tariffs for their mobile phones. All of which have a varying level of data, free calls and texts. The price of these tariffs might not seem too bad, however, as soon as you add in the cost of a mobile phone, you will be surprised to see it sky-rocket.

It comes as no surprise that sim only contracts, those contracts whereby you only agree to pay for a sim on a monthly basis, not a phone, work out much cheaper than a contract that has a mobile included. In fact, you may even find that in order to encourage customers to opt for this type of contract, mobile phone retailers reduce the prices even further. Saving you a pretty penny or two.

Used Smart Phones

So, having decided to opt for a sim only contract, it then dawns on you that this means that you don’t have a phone with it. What can you do? Some people may be lucky enough to have a mobile phone that is still in great condition and that can be used for a few more years. However, with the shelf life on mobile phones seemingly getting shorter and shorter, this is unlikely.

Another option is to look at used mobile phones. Whilst they are not “brand new out of the box” they are still going to be new to you, and best of all, if you use a reputable seller and stockist of used mobile phones, then you can be sure that it passes all the rigorous tests that will check whether or not is a fully functioning, good to use phone.

Used mobile phones are not only going to work in perfect harmony with a sim only contract, but they also save money. They are considerably cheaper than the new alternatives, and in the most part, you may be surprised by just what phones you can find.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you might want to try out the used mobile phone and sim only contract combo. Not only because it saves you cash, but also because it goes a little way to saving the world around you too. What could be better than that?

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