pexels photo 886465 - Used Mobile Phone Supplier: Six Things To Look ForThose fancy product launches for brand new phones, certainly know how to build up the buzz. However, when you look at the business bank balance, and the remaining budget for the year, it can be hard to justify a brand-new phone with its brand-new super-high price tag. Especially if you’re buying in bulk. That’s when it’s time to look for a used mobile phone supplier.

Granted, with a used mobile phone supplier, you and your team are not getting a brand-new phone. You won’t be the first in the country to try out the new features which supposedly justify the price tag. However, what your staff do get is a phone that is new to them. More than likely, it will be an upgrade compared to what they are used to. For businesses, it will often be up to 50% cheaper than buying brand new.

So, even with a scratch or dent that marginally detract from the aesthetics, it is usually nothing a cover won’t solve, choosing a used mobile phone supplier for your next business gadgets will still give your team the excitement of new but be much kinder to the bank balance.

Of course, it is normal to be distrusting of a user mobile phone supplier. You don’t want to fall victim to a scam, and you don’t want to pay out more money than is reasonable for the quality of the phone you will receive. You certainly don’t want to pay out for phones that evidentlydon’t work or will hamper the work of your team. So, when it is hard to determine whether a used mobile phone supplier is legitimate or not, what should you look for to make sure you can be confident in your buying decision?

How To Find A Trusted Used Mobile Phone Supplier

  1. Grading

No two used mobile phones are the same, andit is importantthat clients know exactlywhat they can expect to receive for their money. Trusted used mobile phone suppliers will conduct rigorous checks on each used phone to determine its grading. Inspections will focus on flaws and the physical condition of the phone.

Grade A Pristinemeans the used mobile phone is almost perfect.

Grade A/B showslight signs of use.

Grade Bindicates minor signs of use and less than five light screen scratches.

Grade Ccovers normal wear and tear.

Find out more about how grading work and which phone grade is right for you and your team, by reading our grading guide.

  1. Guarantees

Reputable used mobile phone suppliers will offer a guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. For Phoenix Cellular, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is unhappy with the product, for any reasons, then Phoenix Cellular will providea 100% refund if the products are returnedin the same condition.

Having a guarantee in placegives customers confidence and peace of mind in their purchase which is ideal for budget clearance in businesses.

  1. Contact information

Another indication of a trusted used mobile phone supplier is the ability to get in touch with the support team easily. Having contact details that are easily identifiable and fully functional can help to validate the authenticity of the business, especially when you are buying online and the supplier has no other presence.

  1. A returns policy

Just like any other purchase, you may make a mistake in your purchase, buy one too many devices for your team or accidentally opt for the wrong model than what you intended to buy. Credible used mobile phone suppliers will have a clearand fair returns policy.

Regardless of the supplier, mistakes can happen, even when measures are in place to prevent that, such as grading. However, a reputable used phone supplier will be happy to solve any queries and handle any returns. At Phoenix Cellular, we have an industry-leading return policy with most customers being creditedwithin five to seven working days upon receipt of the phone.

  1. Multiple payment options

It is importantthat businesses can pay for goods and services in a way that best suits the business. Furthermore, some payment options provide payment protection and additional benefits, such as credit cards. By looking for a used mobile phone supplier who is able totake payment by credit card you can have the peace of mind that your payment is protected, just in case anything goes wrong.

What’s important to consider is whether a supplier may include a surcharge for the use of credit card, which you may need to factor into your budget. Phoenix Cellular, however, have a 0% credit card surcharge except for American Express. For all other debit and credit cards, you won’t have to pay a penny more to pay by card. Furthermore, your payment will contribute to your rewards schemes, such as cashback or air miles.

Don’t forget, by using a credit card; you’llhave plenty of time to sell your existing phones before paying for the new ones which can improve your cash flow.

  1. Delivery

Purchasing new phones for your team from a used mobile phone supplier is a great option. However, if you have to wait weeks for shipping and delivery, then it may be time to upgrade your phones before you’ve even received them. Before purchasing, check with the supplier for their delivery times, so you know that your team won’t have to wait long before they receive their new devices.

Phoenix Cellular go above and beyond with lightning fast delivery times. Customers can even receive their need phones through a guaranteed next day service.

By looking out for these six key aspects, you can make sure you have trust and confidence in your next phone purchase.