According to figures from the Dixons group, we buy a new phone every 29 months. That’s the average, of course. And it’s a long time to carry the same device around in our pockets. As much as you try to care for your brand new phone, it will inevitably be subjected to rough treatment.

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Of course, this matters when you come to sell your used mobile phone. The better the condition, the more cash you’ll get for your old handset. So with that in mind, here are our top 5 tips for keeping your phone in great condition.

1. Get a Decent Case

Your phone’s case is its first line of defence against everyday scratches. Yes; a case will bulk up your super-slim device, but you’ll be glad you sacrificed a few millimetres in your pocket the first time you drop it on the floor.

Choose a case that covers all four corners and offers a degree of “bounce”. While clip-on, hard plastic cases are thin, they don’t last anywhere near as long as bendy plastic alternatives.

Final point: if you have kids, or you work outdoors, we strongly recommend a heavy-duty case that covers the entire phone (and sometimes the screen as well). These usually have the additional benefit of a stand integrated into the back.

2. Protect the Screen

Here’s another obvious one: put something over the screen of your phone to protect it. The first time you accidentally put it in your pocket with your keys, you’ll be pleased you did. Tempered glass is a great option, but the old-school film protectors are better than nothing.

It’s very difficult to get screen protectors to go on smoothly if you’re rushing. For the best chance of success, apply the protector in a well-lit area, and smooth it down carefully as you go.

3. Protect it From Theft

Many phone thefts take place in tourist areas when people tend to be distracted or disoriented. Pickpockets have a range of extremely clever tactics, and even the most careful traveller can be caught out.

You may have a tracker app installed, but don’t have a false sense of security. The police will never advise you to follow a criminal to try and retrieve a stolen handset.

It’s better to ensure your phone is never taken. We recommend that you keep your phone in a zipped bag or pocket. If you use a bag, and you’re in a high-risk area, carry it in front of you instead of slinging it over your shoulder.

4. Keep it Cool

In the UK, we rarely need to worry about phone heat damage. But when you take your phone on holiday, you may need to keep an eye on its internal temperature.

Hot mobile phones result in damage to the components. For example, on a hot summer’s day, you might actually damage the battery if you leave it lying around in the sun.

5. Don’t Use it On the Toilet

Apart from the obvious hygiene issues, there’s a great reason not to take your phone in the bathroom: the water damage indicator.

Showers and steam can activate this tiny detector inside the case of your phone. When you come to sell it, we can tell that you’ve been stowing it in damp places.

Of course, there’s also a reasonable chance of your phone being completely trashed when it slides into a sink, or falls into the toilet.

Used Mobile Phones

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