cellphone close up electronics 341523 - What To Expect From The Next iPhoneApple is expected to release the next version of the iPhone in September 2019. That if it sticks to its usual update cycle, which it almost certainly will.

The company has picked up on feedback around its desktops and laptops lately, so we’re interested to find out whether it’ll react to consumer response to the existing line of phones. In particular, its most recent iPhones have astonishingly high retail prices, so it’ll be interesting to see if cheaper alternatives are released too.

iPhone 2019 Rumours

As ever, Apple remains tight-lipped about its new iPhones, and with several months until they’re released, we probably won’t see many physical leaks for a while yet.

But early rumours suggest that it’ll stick to a line-up of three devices at different price points, upgraded with the new A13 processor for 2019.

Right now, you can buy an iPhone XR, or one of the phones in the XS range: the vanilla model, or the Max. It seems as though Apple is going to stick with the model names and screen sizes.

The company rarely messes with the design of its products, either, and recent iPhones have made waves precisely because they’ve looked — well, the same as the old ones. Some journalists say that the glass might have a texture to it next time around, but there don’t appear to be any rumours yet about the shape or physical arrangement of the features being different.

And here’s the big news: love it or hate it, it seems like that screen notch is here to stay. It kinda makes sense, since all new iOS apps have now been designed around it.

Bigger and Better

Only recently, dual rear cameras were a new innovation. But now that other manufacturers have caught up, speculation is that Apple will march on to a triple-lens alternative. From leaked photos, it looks like the cameras will still stick out of the back — something we always found to be an odd design choice. But if you use a case with your phone anyway, it probably won’t bother you.

What about the thickness? Apple’s always on a mission to make its devices slim, but it’s struggled to slim down the iPhone as it has the Mac. So the jury’s out on this. Some leaked photos suggest that the phones are a little bit chunkier, while others suggest that Apple has shaved off a few more millimetres.

Any Requests?

Apple has clearly hit on a successful formula, and perhaps the one thing we miss is its appetite for risk. While Samsung seems to charge ahead with new shapes, sizes, and features, we can be reasonably sure that Apple isn’t going to surprise us.

Having said that, we’d like to see the ability for new iPhones and iPads to transfer charge wirelessly to each other, or — even better — we’d like to see these devices charge up the Apple Pencil wirelessly, so we can do away with the silly charger it has right now.

We would also like Apple to drop Lightning in favour of USB-C. Let’s face it: we might be waiting a while for that one.

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