shutterstock 1334608802 - Why Are We Seeing More Used Phone Shops On The High Street?In an age of stagnant wages and increasing costs, consumers are always looking for cost savings. At the same time, the high street is struggling to attract tenants, with many shops available for low-cost rents.  This has led to a boom in used phone sales.

3 Reasons Used Mobile Phones Makes Sense

For one thing, they represent a good cost saving, and people are still feeling the pinch. The mobile phone is no longer a luxury item; we all depend on them, and we need to have a working mobile all the time. If you lose your phone, or need a replacement, it’s sensible to opt for a used one. Most are in such good condition you’d never tell them apart from a new device.

The second factor is that the way we buy phones is changing overall. It used to be perfectly normal to sign up to a contract which included your phone.  You’d essentially spread the cost of the handset along with the airtime.  But now, people are open to the idea of buying a SIM only contract leaving them free to choose their own device, new or used, lowering the total cost of ownership.

The third factor is that there are simply more used devices than there used to be, and the ones that people are upgrading from are still in great condition.

Better Wholesalers

Buying used mobile phones from a wholesaler was unheard of 10 years ago.  But now, resellers can buy phones in bulk from wholesalers like ourselves.

We test phones for our customers, and can supply them boxes so resellers can offer all major brands and phones at a variety of price points.  This removes a lot of the risk associated with buying and selling tech, because the testing has all been done ahead of time.

This means that used phones are now fairly common in both online and high street stores. And despite the demise of many major high street chains, smaller stores are booming.

New Income Opportunities

If you run a retail store, and you’re interested in bringing in a new revenue streams, used mobile phones are a great avenue to explore.

Wholesale phones are available tested, graded, and with all of the locks and iCloud settings removed.

If you already sell phone cases, SIM cards, or refurbished electronics, adding a range of used phones to your high street store is the logical next step.

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