Mobile Phone Repairs & Polishing

Phoenix Cellular are one of the largest independent repair centres in the UK. We carry out an extensive range of repairs on all Apple devices, this includes LCD replacement, battery replacement, front facing camera, main camera and other faults.

We also have a state of the art polishing centre that can process over 3,000 devices a day, removing scratches from LCD, back glass and bezels, returning them to a Grade A or B condition.

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As one of the UK’s largest repair centres we work with retailers, distributors and insurance companies to carry out the following repairs on Apple iPhones:

  • New LCD

  • Battery replacement

  • Component rework

  • Front facing camera

  • Main camera

  • Other parts fault

As part of our repairs solution we provide a full device test and inspection using Phone Check before any repair is carried out.  After the repair, a further test is completed prior to shipping the handsets back.  A test certificate is available upon request.

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Polishing increases the value of a used or refurbished mobile device considerably, our polishing centre can process more than 3,000 devices a day, we can polish the LCD, back glass and bezels of both Apple and Samsung mobile devices.

We work with retailers, insurance companies and distributors to increase the resell value of their inventory by refurbishing their stock through our state of the art polishing processes.

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As part of our repairs solution we provide a full device test and check of the handset before any repair is carried out.

  • Accelerometer

  • Bottom mic quality

  • Earpiece quality

  • Flashlight

  • Front mic quality

  • Front video camera

  • Grading

  • LCD

  • Loudspeaker-M

  • NFC

  • Proximity sensor

  • Rear camera quality

  • Rear video camera

  • Screen rotation

  • Telephoto camera

  • Ultra-wide camera quality

  • Vibration

  • Volume down button

  • Volume up button

  • Wifi

  • Wifi

  • Bluetooth

  • Ear speaker

  • Face ID

  • Flip switch

  • Front camera quality

  • Front microphone

  • Glass cracked

  • Gyroscope

  • Loudspeaker

  • Microphone

  • Power button

  • Rear camera

  • Rear mic quality

  • Recording quality

  • Sim reader

  • Telephoto camera quality

  • Ultra-wide camera

  • Video microphone

  • iCloud lock