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Best-Selling Refurbished Phones in 2021

Just as phone users face a dilemma choosing their next handset from the vast amount of choice out there, so refurbished phone vendors have similar difficult decisions to make - which devices should I absolutely

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What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Used Phone?

There is a far-reaching popular perception that smartphones are not built to last. In some quarters, this even morphs into the opinion that manufacturers purposefully design smartphones to have a short shelf life as part

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The Smartphone Replacement Cycle

Back in 2014, global sales of second-hand phones amounted to 56 million devices. This year, that figure is expected to break the 150 million mark, rising further to more than 160 million used handsets traded

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Brexit worries? We’re here to help…

Brexit has given us all plenty to think about.  Uncertainty is the order of the day - with negotiations ongoing and the deadline getting closer, many of you might wonder how Phoenix will continue to

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Should People With an iPhone 6 or Older Upgrade?

Apple, the original smartphone brand and undisputed heavyweight champion of the global market for over a decade, continues to run its mobile device operations according to a very clear business strategy. Whereas its competitors, Samsung,

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What to Expect from MWC Barcelona This Year

Mobile World Congress, the world’s biggest mobile industry event, is almost upon us. The 2020 edition of the giant trade show lands in the usual place, Barcelona, on Monday 24th February, although this time around

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The New Apple AirPods Pro Review

Within three months of Apple AirPods first going on sale in 2016, they’d become the number one wireless headphones in the world. Within a year, they became the number one headphones of any kind. Apple

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Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft’s new device was a surprise announcement at its recent tech event, which also saw debuts from the Microsoft Surface Pro X, Microsoft Surface Neo and Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. Microsoft has been out of the mobile phone

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Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2019

Mobile World Congress Los Angeles is one of the fastest growing events in the United States, it brings together leading companies and influential experts from all sectors within the mobile technology industry to advance intelligent

Phoenix Cellular To Attend MWC Los Angeles

MWC Los Angeles is one of the fastest growing events in the United States that brings together leading companies and influential experts from the mobile technology industry to advance Intelligent Connectivity – a fusion of

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iOS13 Update And Features List

What's new in iOS13? Here's our review and a list of the best features iOS13 has launched introducing new features to your old iPhone, with new software perks even if you haven't upgraded to Apple's

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