When talking to your tech-savvy friends, have you ever asked why did you choose an iPhone? And get the response “it’s the ecosystem” well what is it? And why is it so important to the consumer?

The definition of an ecosystem is a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. A mobile ecosystem is a collection of multiple devices (phones, tablets, etc) and software (operating software, developing tools and testing tools, etc). The Apple ecosystem isn’t a device or software, but a collection of products Apple produces.

The Apple ecosystem works so efficiently because they don’t design around a single device, they purposely design products to be used within the ecosystem. The backbone of the ecosystem is the Apple ID, this syncs all your devices and maximizes their efficiency. The ecosystem Apple offer is superior to the competition now because they not only control the software that runs the hardware, but they also control the hardware. With the introduction of the M1 chips, Apple now has the same hardware platform on all their devices from tiny little AirPods that fit in your ears to desktops like your iMac. Because every device more or less has the same hardware architecture (license ARM instruction set but custom chip from Apple) Apple can tailor make the experience unlike other companies.

In short, the ecosystem allows all the devices to function as efficiently as possible from transferring data to connecting devices via Bluetooth.


A Green Apple ecosystem

An iPhone is a central piece of the Apple ecosystem, everything connects to the iPhone and many features of products such as the Apple Watch and AirPods are exclusive to the iPhone. If you are new to the Apple ecosystem, it can be quite intimidating due to the high price of their products but imagine being able to start your own ecosystem cheaper and in a completely green way. Yes, it’s possible and much cheaper than just buying your devices from Apple. Introducing the circular economy. A circular economy is an important instrument to tackle the current triple planetary crises on climate, biodiversity, and pollution. By keeping resources in the loop for longer, we’ll avoid emitting greenhouse gases caused by the energy needed to make products.

Phoenix Cellular uses its in-house repair and polishing centres to refurbish all parts of devices to keep the parts and devices in circulation for as long as possible. This allows a device that might only have a life cycle of 2-5 years to be in use for double that, therefore reducing the demand for new devices which results in less manufacturing and reduced carbon emissions.

A green Apple ecosystem is a combination of the Apple Ecosystem (software and hardware) and the circular economy, by combining the functionality and quality of Apple and the environmental benefits and value of the circular economy mean you will have a fantastic set up of devices while saving money and the environment.

To create your own Green Apple ecosystem simply buy refurbished devices, in which every Apple product is available at a cheaper rate, and when you have had enough of the device simply trade it in and upgrade to a newer refurbished device. Doing this creates an almost self-sustainable loop as your refurbished devices will hold much more value than buying them new, new devices lose on average £5 value a month.



Benefits of a green Apple ecosystem.

  • Refurbished iPhones are much cheaper
  • Less money needed to start
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce E-Waste
  • Refurbished devices are as good as new
  • Refurbished iPhone holds its value a lot more than new iPhone
  • Trade in your iPhone for a minimal loss even if broken, to get a newer refurbished model
  • Refurbished iPhones have a great warranty


At Phoenix Cellular we believe a Green Apple ecosystem is the future. This creates a constant flow of devices remaining in circulation contributing to cutting down the need to manufacture as many new devices, this helps in reducing e-waste and carbon emissions and will save you hundreds of pounds yearly. It’s really time to consider going green and taking advantage of the amazing ecosystem Apple has created while using the environmentally and financially better method.