Who is Phoenix Cellular?

Phoenix Cellular is Europe’s number one distributor of refurbished mobile devices and is at the forefront of innovation within the industry. Phoenix Cellular continues to dominate the mobile phone wholesale market and has a long list of certifications, accomplishments, and awards including  the coveted Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade, UK’s highest accolade in recognizing success in business, and a globally recognised royal seal of approval for UK companies.

Phoenix Cellular is led by veterans in the mobile communications industry with proven and unrivalled experience. Phoenix Cellular are one of the largest independent repair centres in the UK. We carry out an extensive range of repairs on all mobile devices, this includes LCD replacement, battery replacement, front-facing camera, main camera, and other faults. We also have a state of the art polishing centre that can process over 3000 devices a day, removing scratches from LCD, back glass, and bezels, returning them to a Grade A condition.

Our Vision

We believe in offering the very best in customer service, we have invested heavily in quality control, logistics, accreditations, and support to ensure this happens.

Our team is uniquely positioned to understand the opportunities that refurbished devices offer and the challenges that retailers and consumers face when buying them. We help our customers resolve any issues and make the process of purchasing refurbished devices easier, faster, and more trustworthy.

We know that our customers need up to date information on the best handsets available, which is why we hold one of the largest stock holdings of tested and graded mobile devices in Europe ready for immediate dispatch.

Testing and Grading

All our refurbished mobile phones undergo thorough electronic testing before leaving our state of the art warehouse ensuring every device we sell is fully functional.

Every refurbished mobile phone is data wiped and restored to factory settings, its IMEI will be verified, and we’ll check for any iCloud or Network locks.

The phones are then cosmetically graded by our highly experienced team. This inspection process looks at the physical condition of every device, picking up any external flaws on the case and screen.

View our grading: https://phoenixcellular.com/grading/

Repairs & Polishing


As one of the UK’s largest repair centres we work with retailers, distributors, and insurance companies to carry out the full range of /device repairs

  • LCD
  • Front Facing Camera
  • Battery Replacement
  • Main Camera
  • Component rework
  • Oher parts fault

As part of our repairs solution, we provide a full device test and inspection using phone check before any repair is carried out. After the repair, a further test is completed prior to shipping the handsets back. A test certificate is available upon request.


Polishing increases the value of a used or refurbished mobile device considerably, our polishing centre can process more than 3000 devices a day, we can polish the LCD, back glass, and bezels of both Apple and Samsung mobile devices.

We work with retailers, insurance companies and distributors to increase the resell value of their inventory by refurbishing their stock through our state-of-the-art polishing processes.