Just as phone users face a dilemma choosing their next handset from the vast amount of choice out there, so refurbished phone vendors have similar difficult decisions to make – which devices should I absolutely always make sure I have in stock? What are the smartphones that customers really love that I can guarantee will fly off the shelves?

Of course, the key to a healthy second-hand phone business is to offer plenty of choice and a product to suit every taste and budget. But at the same time, you don’t want to be caught out under-stocking the most popular smartphones and leaving potential customers disappointed.

After all, a sale you can’t make because a particular line is out of stock is a sale and a customer gained for one of your competitors.

So with that in mind, here are the top-three best-selling refurbished phones of 2021 that you really should be keeping well-stocked.

iPhone 11

Almost without fail, whenever Apple releases a new edition of the iPhone, you can guarantee the previous incarnation will shoot up the refurbished phone best-seller charts. The reasons are simple – Apple has such strong brand loyalty that it is almost guaranteed to see strong sales of every new iPhone release. Most of these purchases are made by existing hardcore iPhone loyalists who are quite happy to trade in last year’s device to get their hands on the heir apparent to the smartphone kingdom.

For everyone else, that means there are loads of still-fantastic pre-owned iPhones now available to own at a fraction of the price of a new one.

The iPhone 11 is now almost two years old, and will most likely gradually be replaced as the best-selling refurbished phone by the iPhone 12 when Apple’s annual iPhone release day comes around in September. But in the meantime, consumers are still loving the opportunity to get their hands on a genuinely world-class smartphone for under £400, complete with Apple’s first foray into a dual-lens wide-angle camera, liquid retina HD display and super-intuitive haptic touch for bringing up different options and menus.

iPhone 8

Following on from the iPhone 11, the fact that the iPhone 8 is still making refurbished phone best-seller charts is a sign that this is one of those iPhone models that is destined to go down as an all-time classic. Now five years old, the iPhone 8 still stands a cut above even many supposedly ‘premium handsets’, complete with wireless charging and AR optimisation (remember Pokemon Go?!). Retailing now at under £150 for a refurbished handset, it also beats most mid-range models on price.

Samsung S10

Like the iPhone 11, the Samsung S10 is now two years old and will probably be replaced in the coming months as the best-selling refurbished Samsung smartphone by the increasing number of S20 handsets making their way onto the market. But for a premium-grade device which, just 12 months ago, was still being raved about as one of the best smartphones ever manufactured, the fact that refurbished models are now available for under £200 is an absolute steal. A super-sharp 6.1” screen, a 16mp camera, massive 128Gb storage, a ridiculous eight processor cores – need we go on??

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