shutterstock 218533315 - Should You Be Buying Refurbished Or Used iPhones For Your CustomersThe mobile phone market can be confusing when it comes to anything but brand new phones. For used phones, retailers use words like ‘reconditioned’, ‘refurbished’, or ‘pre-loved’ without any real standardisation.

Buying a used iPhone is a big investment for your customers, and we understand that guesswork isn’t good enough. So if you see two iPhones, one ‘refurbished’ and one ‘used’, which should you buy?

It’s All About the Grade

Some companies use smoke and mirrors to make their phones sound appealing. At Phoenix Cellular, we believe honesty is the best policy. A poor quality phone will be returned anyway — so why deceive?

All of our used mobile phones are graded according to their external condition. We’re very picky on quality, so you can expect a pristine iPhone to be just that — pristine.

A refurbished iPhone will be described in the same terms. The main difference is that we use the word ‘refurbished’ to describe an iPhone that has had some work done to it.

For example, it might have replaced the screen, a new battery, or given a new case. This can help to bring an otherwise good iPhone back up to Grade A condition. We also buy stock direct from the likes of Foxconn who manufacture the iPhone.

Essentially, both used and refurbished phones are judged against the same strict standards at Phoenix Cellular, so you can buy either with confidence. It really comes down to personal preference if you’d rather have a phone that’s been fixed, or one that’s never been opened up for a repair.

Remember: this is just our policy. Other retailers might not follow suit.

The Importance of Testing

If a retailer is selling wholesale used mobile phones, there’s another thing to watch out for.

Used mobile phones should be fully tested for faults before being resold.  By that we mean that the phone should have been put through a comprehensive electronic inspection. At Phoenix Cellular, we use electronic testing machines that automatically check all of the components that matter on both iPhone and Samsung devices.

That includes the speakers, mic, Bluetooth, WiFi, screen, and cameras.

So unlike buying ‘blind’ from an auction site, you can be sure that the devices you receive from us are working, and there won’t be any nasty surprises.

Getting a Refund

Phoenix Cellular offers a full refund for any phone that doesn’t meet the described standards. That means that retailers can buy in wholesale from us, check the phones before sale if desired, and return any that don’t meet their expectations.

For the customer, that ensures phones that meet the grade we promise. So whether used or refurbished, all of the iPhones sold fit the criteria you expect them to.

Buying Used Phones From Phoenix Cellular

If you’d like more information about the used mobile phones that Phoenix Cellular offer, don’t hesitate to give our team a call for a copy of our latest stock list. With a quality promise and fast shipping, we believe we’re the most trustworthy supplier of used and refurbished iPhones across the UK. But don’t just take our word for it: order a box of used phones and take a look for yourself.