pexels photo 459793 - Used Mobile Phone Grading and TestingWhen you’re buying or selling used mobile phones, the quoted price will vary according to the device condition. As used mobile phone wholesalers, we have a fair and detailed system that gives buyers the confidence that their device will function well.

We don’t just grade devices by looking at them. We also extensively test the hardware and software.

Here’s some inside information on how we complete the grading process.

How We Test Used Mobile Phones

Our testing process is rigorous and consists of at least 20 different electronic checks. For a phone to reach the grading stage, it must pass every one of these tests with flying colours.

In the process of testing, we ensure that the camera, touchscreen, microphone, speaker, and any touch sensors are working. We also check Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and we ensure that the SIM card makes good contact with the phone’s internal SIM card slot.

If we receive a phone in poor condition, it will not be graded, because it won’t pass these checks. For example, phones that don’t turn on, or that are missing buttons, will fail the test and will not be graded by our team.

Our Grades for Used Mobile Phones

When we inspect a phone, we award it one of four grades according to the test results:

  • Grade A Pristine
  • Grade A/B
  • Grade B
  • Grade C

Grade A/ Pristine means that the phone is very close to perfect. That means that the outer casing is practically free of defects or marks. Additionally, Grade A/ Pristine means that the phone is unlocked and free from any security features, such as iCloud restrictions. A Grade A/ Pristine phone is the best used mobile phone you can get, and it offers an economical way to purchase a high-quality handset at a low price.

Grade A/B is close to pristine, but with some signs of use. It must be unlocked and free from iCloud and other restrictions, and it must not be smashed or cracked. At this grade, we tolerate very light surface marks, such as tiny pinprick dents on the casing.

Grade B handsets are those that have slightly more light scratches, and no more than one dent in the casing. So if you purchase a phone in this condition, you can expect to see noticeable, but minor, marks on the bezel or edges. As with the two grades above, these phones are fully functional, unlocked, and in good working order.

At Grade C, the buyer can expect a degree of wear and tear that results from normal (but careful) use. Expect to find slightly longer, deeper marks that are noticeable when the phone is up close. Even at this grade, we do not sell phones that are cracked, locked, or scratched deeply on the screen or the case.

Inspections are very varied between wholesalers, so the grading descriptions we provide in this blog post should be treated as a general reference.

Trust the Leading Used Mobile Phone Wholesaler

Phoenix Cellular is a highly respected supplier of used mobile phones. We’re known for our quality testing, attention to detail, and superb customer service. If you receive a phone from us that does not meet the grade we’ve assigned, we’ll handle your return quickly and efficiently.

For more information on our grading process, watch the videos on our Gradings page.