shutterstock 562715311 - Is It Worth Buying From Used Mobile Phones Wholesale Suppliers?In recent years, mobile phones have become a necessity in our day to day lives. The powerful little devices were once a luxury for many. However today they are so heavily depended on that we often don’t know how to get by without them. The technology within these devices change so quickly that we are constantly on the search for an upgrade or better model.

This is where buying used mobile phones wholesale comes in. The used mobile phone business is booming, as more and more people want to get their hands on a certain model without paying over the odds. There is an increased demand for customers wanting second-hand mobile phones, and the most cost-effective way of obtaining these devices to sell on to customers is by used mobile phones wholesale suppliers.

Whether you are an online or independent business looking for second-hand stock to sell on to your customers, or a business owner wanting to supply your employees with phones; used mobile phones wholesale suppliers is a sensible choice. If you are wondering if it is worth buying used mobile phones wholesale, read on for our expert guide.

No Fixed Networks

One of the most significant downsides of choosing to buy mobile devices from a popular network provider is that the devices will often be locked to that network only. This can be a real drawback for many potential customers looking to buy a used mobile phone. Many people will already have a network contract that they want to continue and will be looking for a used mobile phone that will give them the freedom to use any network they please.

By buying from used mobile phones wholesale suppliers, you can sell on the devices without having to worry about them being locked to an existing network provider. If you are purchasing a large number of used mobile phones wholesale for use within a business, then having the flexibility to shop around for the best network deal will be a real bonus.

Cost Effective Bundle Deals

As with any wholesale purchase, buying used mobile phones wholesale will almost always save you money. Buying in bulk for the devices themselves will be far cheaper than buying used devices separately. As a used mobile phone reseller, you can then pass these bulk savings on to your customers and offer highly competitive prices.

In many cases when you buy from used mobile phones wholesale suppliers you can get popular devices from major phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung for a fraction of the retail price. Many popular brands and leading models are available from wholesale sellers such as Phoenix Cellular, which are perfect second-hand retailers looking for an effective revenue stream.

High-Quality Pre-Owned Devices

When you buy used mobile phones wholesale, whether for your own business or as a retailer, you know you will be getting quality devices. All mobile phones have been rigorously tested, and quality checked before being sold on.

Most wholesalers have in-house teams that test and grade all the pre-owned devices to ensure they are in a the right condition for second-hand use or resale. High-quality diagnostic systems are used as well as human quality control to ensure that every single used device is in an excellent working order and in a perfect cosmetic condition. For peace of mind, look for used mobile phones wholesale supplier companies that offer a satisfaction guarantee. For example, Phoenix Cellular will provide a full 100% refund on your order if you are not completely happy with the condition of the devices received.

Boxed Like New

For many customers, part of the fun of getting a new mobile device is the unboxing experience. It is something that the phone manufacturers have perfected over the years, and there is no need for that experience to be lost when buying pre-owned.

When you buy used mobile phones wholesale, you can purchase the devices boxed and ready to sell on. The devices can be bundled with the necessary accessories within the box, just like a brand-new mobile phone from the manufacturer. You can often have the packaging branded and tailored to your own business.

Being able to offer your customers the luxury new phone experience without the premium price tag is a huge benefit.

Hassle Free Purchasing

There are a number of companies in the UK selling used mobile phones wholesale. Finding a wholesale supplier for pre-owned devices is an easy task and means your business can focus on what really matters. Be careful to choose a wholesaler with an excellent reputation and a focus on customer support and satisfaction.

A reputable company will offer a straight-forward returns procedure, as well as some form of money back guarantee. This gives you peace of mind that you can purchase your used mobile phones easily and quickly, and protected should an issues occur.

Phoenix Cellular have an industry leading, fast and fair returns policy, and if this is your first time ordering with us, if for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your order, return it to us in the same condition as you received it, no questions asked for a full refund.

Extensive Range Of Devices

New mobile phones models are being released regularly, and when a new model comes out, many want to get their hands on it. When you are buying used mobile phones, it is possible to get the latest devices and most in-demand models for your business or customers. As well as the latest models, you can order from an extensive range of pre-owned devices from all popular brands including Apple and Samsung.

Is It Worth Buying From Used Mobile Phones Wholesale Suppliers?

If you are a retailer looking for high-quality stock to sell on to customers, or a business owner looking to provide your staff with mobile phones, then buying used mobile phones wholesale can be a great option.

With Phoenix Cellular, you can purchase premium devices that have been rigorously tested, at a fraction of the retail price. When you choose Phoenix Cellular, you’ll also receive our money back guarantee and quick and easy returns policy; you can rest assured that the pre-owned devices will be high quality and hassle-free.

To find out more and to access our current stock list, get in touch with the team here.